Charity program “School drinking water for children in Upland Ha Giang”

With the aim of mobilizing resources to implement activities to increase access to clean water and school drinking water for poor children in the upland areas, on the night of October 10, 2020 at SHARK Club, 21 Trang Tien Hanoi, member organizations of the Vietnam Water and Health Alliance (VIWHA), edified with the organizers of the program “School drinking water for children in Ha Giang upland areas”.

Mr. Thich Dong Nguyen shared about the objectives of the program

The “School Drinking Water for Children in Ha Giang Upland Area” program is one of the initiatives proposed from the French Bao Community Counseling and Support Center, represented by Dai Duc Thi Dong Vow, to carry out the mission: For clean water for all and health for the community. The program received the attention and participation of many member organizations, especially the presence of Hoa Hoang Ha (implementation organization), singers Trinh Kim Lien, Pham Huu, Hong Nhung, artist Hoang Lan,…

Participants in the Program

This is an initiative in a series of communication activities to raise awareness, capacity, develop partnerships, mobilize policies and mobilize resources to create a favorable environment for people to easily access clean water, especially school drinking water for children. With the vision: “A life full of clean water for every Vietnamese people to ensure health and improve sustainable quality of life”, the program “School drinking water for children in Ha Giang highlands” initiated the interest of member organizations for a long-term plan of VIWHA.

The School Drinking Water Initiative (SDWI) is an initiative of VIWHA members with the common goal of mobilizing local resources and initiatives to “Strengthen access to clean water and school drinking water in a sustainable way for disadvantaged and ethnic minority students” , especially areas that do not have access to concentrated clean water.

The objectives for the period 2018-2023 are: 1) Cooperation between members of the Alliance and partners with the participation of people to jointly solve water and public health issues; 2) Strengthen alliance capacity, implement local initiatives for them to actively participate in solving clean water and health issues in a practical and sustainable way in the community and 3) Promote dialogue with policy-making agencies at central and local level, give people’s voices , the community contributes to the development and implementation of policies related to water resources management, access to clean water, sanitation and public health.

Coming to the program, participants witnessed part of the disadvantages of children in upland Ha Giang province and some real activities of VIWHA members through the report “Ha Giang upland children and school drinking water”. They not only lack the conditions of school, teachers, school supplies but also clean water for use in the process of living, even to the seriousness.

Delegates also heard many songs performed by singers, artists and delegates. Many songs about the environment, health, social responsibility for raising awareness of environmental protection, economical use of clean water sources, clean water care for schools for children in the upland areas.

The Organizing Committee awarded 2 paintings to the highest auction owner (middle) in the Program

The program held an auction of two oil paintings donated by a cultivators in Hue to raise funds; at the same time, received many gifts from the participants. The activity of the program is really a reunion night of volunteer hearts, responsibility for the social community.

From the highlands of Ha Giang, Mr. Cao Hong Ky, Chairman of the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Ha Giang Province when he learned that the program was held in Hanoi expressed his feelings: “Thank you for the precious affection, noble gratitude of the women, uncles and brothers and sisters of the Vietnam Water and Health Alliance; Thank you, Master Ho Chi Minh, Miss Hoang Ha, singers and artists,… organized a fundraising event to support the drinking water program for students in disadvantaged areas of Ha Giang. Because I received urgent notifications about my time and health reasons, I personally could not return to the event. On behalf of Ha Giang PUSTA, wish the event a good success!”.

Some VIWHA members who are busy unable to attend have sent letters and gifts to the Program and expect the program to get more results.

The program “School drinking water for children in The Highlands of Ha Giang” not only brings clean water to the children but also lights up the fire of trust in the community in a good future, filled with human love as shared by The Virtue Of Wishing, Miss Hoang Ha and those participating in the program , want to do a lot of things whether small or large for children, especially children in the highlands still have many difficulties and disadvantages. It was also “a matchstick from the enthusiasm that lit the light of the candle of achievement” and we believe that the Program has lit a small matchstick for that achievement candle.

Ha Giang is a rocky upland province, complex terrain, large slopes, many valleys and rivers and streams.Although the average annual rainfall is not small (1700mm) but due to the characteristics of caxto rocky terrain, poor water retention, has caused water shortages most often in the dry season, causing difficulties in production and living for people.

The water supply for living in the area is mainly rainwater and surface water from ravines, ponds, rivers and streams equal to 95%. According to the assessment of the current status of water supply in Ha Giang province, the number of people using clean water for living is only 56%; in particular, people in 4 rocky districts (Dong Van, Cat Vac, Quan Ba, Yen Ninh) are only 42% of the overall average of the province. Currently, the proportion of rural people using water according to QCVN 02:2009/BYT is only 17.15%;

With severe water shortages today is affecting schools in the area. The amount of water used in schools is quite large, from cooking, personal hygiene for students are saved by the school but still a big challenge in almost the whole school year (from October to May next year). This is also the reason why the majority of children are infected with worms and about 35% of children under 5 years old in the province are malnourished.

The program continues to expand donations from businesses, schools and generosity. The total proceeds will support activities to increase access to clean water and school drinking water for children in Ha Giang highlands.

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