Wash your hands

Is the process of washing hands and when you need to wash your hands in the day must be very familiar to you?

The music Video “Wash your Hands” is produced based on the coordination between the project “local Vietnamese activities for environmental health”, funded by the U.S. International Development Agency (USAID), and the Institute for Sustainable Development Management (MSD).

Watch the video and wash your hands clean.

Wish you remember and master the steps of washing hands, always keep your hands clean, hygienic.


Musician: Nguyen Van Chung

Expression: Baby Pearl rich


Lyrics 1:

Wash your hands very well, wash your hands helps us clean

Washing your hands helps not sick, wash your hands every day

Wash with water and soap, wash your fingers always

Wash your hands to clean your hands all day

Rubs massage with rubs rub, rubs from palm to back

Rotate your fingers in turn and rub them clean

Massage massage with rub rub, carefully gently pinch your fingers

We have 5 fingers in the input and rub till clean

And we wash your hands dry

Lyrics 2:

Wash your hands before you eat it for a delicious meal

And after every cleaning he remembers his hands.

Rinse after playing out of the yard with fun jokes and funny pets

Whenever we sneeze, let’s wash your hands

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