Launching ceremony of Vietnam Health and Water Coalition

The Vietnam Water and Health Alliance (English name is Vietnam Water and Health abbreviated name VIWHA) was established on 12 Sep 2018, in Hanoi, in “Annual Seminar of Social organizations 2018: strengthening the cooperation between social organizations and partners in environmental protection and sustainable development”. The seminar was organized under the Presidency of the Union of Vietnam Science and Technology Association (VUSTA), which has the presence of many central agencies: Vietnam General Confederation of Labour; Ministry of Environment Resources, local delegates: Center for Thanh Phong Medical Prevention, center for Living and sanitation of rural Thanh chemical Environment, the branch of environmental protection of Thanh chemistry, Ha Nam Disease Control Center, together with the participation of the information Center non-governmental organization (NGO-IC) , Institute of Population, Health and development (PHAD), Green-Creative Development Center (GREEN-ID), Institute of Public Health Development (LIGHT) Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), Institute for Sustainable Development and Management (MSD), Center for Research and Training on Community Development (RTCCD), Vietnam Business Development Research Center (RCED).

In addition to 05 core organisations including: Institute for Population, Health and Development, Institute of Medical Research, sociology, center for non-governmental organizations, public Health University, Research and Training Center for Community Development, has 15 units, individuals enrolled right in the seminar as members and collaborators of the Water and Health coalition.

Delegates attending the seminar speech discussion

In Session 2: Water environment and community health, with the participation of 72 delegates coming from fish society and fish organizations NGOs, a number of issues are discussed, including (1) the risk of deterioration and depletion of water resources in Vietnam-challenges for socio-economic development; (2) Pollution of water sources, especially water pollution for the living community, pollution of water sources from the villages; (3) The relation between water and public health and (4) the role and action of the social organization in protecting water resources for human health and sustainable development of the country. Since then, the establishment of Vietnam’s health and Water Union is the indispensable result of protecting human health in relation to the water of organizations and agencies in Vietnam.

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