Viet Nam Health and Water Coalition Planning and Strategy Building workshop

The Vietnam Water and Health Alliance (the English name is the Vietnam Water and Health Union, abbreviated as VIWHA) officially established and launched on 12/09/2018 with the participation of more than 20 members are organizations and agencies operating in the field of water and health. Institute of Population, Health and development (PHAD) is an alliance coordinator, along with the participation and coordination of the non-governmental Organization Information Center (NGO-IC), the Institute of Medical Studies – Sociology (ISMS), the Public Health University (HUPH) and the Center for Training and Community Development Studies (RTCCD). (See more about VIWHA here).

In order to operate VIWHA is strengthened and developed, the VIWHA Coordinating Board has organized the Vietnam Health and Water Coalition planning and Strategy seminar, on 12/04/2019 in Hanoi, in order to develop the operation plan of VIWHA phase 2019-2021 based on the situation, capacity and strengths of each organization/individual of VIWHA, the ability to coordinate and integrate the activities of the projects being deployed with the activities of the Alliance members.

The seminar with the participation of 19 member units discussed the mechanism of action of the Alliance as well as propose a collaborative plan among members to implement the activities of water and health.

After the seminar, some of the proposed activities will carry out the implementation in the future, such as building a community communication plan, improving the knowledge of the people for Water and health; To organize the capacity to enhance the alliance membership as a project proposal and to supervise and evaluate the project; or organize a local policy advocacy workshop to connect and present things to fill between the distance of the government and the people in the water issue.

At the conclusion of the seminar, the Coalition Coordinating Board has aggregated the opinion of discussion and construction of detailed operational strategies, further adjusting the draft mechanism of action of the next phase coalition.

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