Research Institute of Medicine-Sociology – Institute of Social and Medical Studies (ISMS)

The Institute for Medical and Social Studies (ISMS) is a non-governmental organization based in Hanoi. The Institute works with the objective of:

1. Designing and implementing research in the field of medical-sociology;

2. Provide reliable information/data as a scientific basis for policy building, planning and implementation, and intervention programs/projects in the field of medical-sociology;

3. Designing and implementing projects and intervention programs in the field of medicine and sociology;

4. Contribute to improving the quality of research in the field of medical-sociology through training and cooperation. Contributing to the community and society through training programs and the knowledge spectrum;

5. Building a favorable working environment with good salary system and welfare staff, employees can maximize the ability and develop careers.

HR diagram:

For more information about the Institute of Medical Research and sociology please see here.

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