Protecting water resources and using clean water at the family

Clean water is the life of mankind”, everyone, every family and the whole society must be responsible for protecting the source of water in which they live. Surface water protection (drilling wells/Peach Wells):
  • Domestic wastewater: No discharge of unprocessed domestic wastewater or unsecured treatment of the environment, domestic wastewater must be collected for processing before pouring into the drain;
  • Household waste: Each member of the family is responsible for sorting, collecting, taking advantage of food, vegetable food as a feed or with a container system, sealed for organic fertilizer. The remaining garbage collectors at the specified point;
  • Livestock waste: The breeding household must have a guaranteed cattle cage, systematic collection and treatment of livestock waste water, far from the water resources, application of biotechnology such as microbiological waste collection can make cinnamon worm feed, do organic fertilizer or construct a biogas tunnel with appropriate capacity and must ensure good sludge treatment every Filled with. Should not discharge waste, livestock waste water unprocessed or processed yet to ensure the environment pollute groundwater, surface water. With livestock farms must adhere to the waste disposal, livestock wastewater as prescribed.
  • Plant protection drugs: do not or restrict the use of plant protection drugs (BVTV). If used must follow the principle and technique. Carry out the collection of packaging, the bottle cover and the excess PESTICIDE after using the correct place of regulation to be moved to where there is processing capability. Don’t throw out the shore, field, canals.
Image: Protecting the water is protecting everyone’s life
Family Dining water protection (well water drill/peach wells, rainwater storage tanks):
  • Water Well Peach: The well build must be far from the minimum sources of 100 meters. Materials of brick, or made of prefabricated pipes made of concrete, into wells must be at least 70 cm from the well, which is surrounded by brick or concrete paved patio with a minimum circumference of 1.2 m, with the drain on the household wastewater collection system or drain. Water use system can be the pump, need or pulley pulling water bucket. There must be a price to avoid contamination from the well in the well water, have the lid of the mouth well to avoid insects and animals falling into the well polluted water well and have barrier protection.
  • Water well drilling: the drilling of wells must be at least 10 m pollution sources.  Drilling wells must be made of concrete or tiled, stone, not cracked. Neck wells must be higher than the minimum background is 20cm and not cracked, open.
  • Preventing the risk of pollution of water sources: to prevent the risk of pollution of water resources affecting the health of each person, each family and community must take water treatment in accordance with the local water resources (e.g. water filtration), especially to have a sense of protection of water resources:
  • Keep the water clean: raising the sense of community to keep the water clean by not throwing away the garbage, unclean and indiscriminately affect the source of clean water; Do not use fresh feces as fertilizer; Correct use of insecticide instructions;…
  • Save Clean water: Reduce wastage when using water in daily living activities; Inspection, maintenance, rerenovation of pipelines, faucets, water tanks to resist water loss; There is a clean water storage tank to ensure there is always clean water for family living, dining.

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