Water and human health

The role of clean water in the body

Clean water is a valuable resource, but not endless. Water is the source and necessary for the life of all creatures on Earth. With humans, water plays a very important role in the body, to 70-80% of body weight. An adult can fast within a few days, even weeks, but cannot drink for 3-4 days. Clean water has the role in the body as follows:

  • Water is capable of providing mineral resources, transporting nutrients necessary for cells, nourishing cells in every activity in the body. Clean water that every day we often use contains a lot of beneficial minerals for health;
  • Clean water is considered to be the living solvent of chemical reactions in the body, engage in metabolism and metabolic reactions aimed at building and maintaining cells. The cells that can function and perform their functions are caused by being dissolved in solvents;
  • The water has the ability to dispose of toxins, residues from which organs and cells can not be absorbed and are taken out through urine and stool lines;
  • Water also has the ability to stabilize body temperature, distribute the heat of the body. Water as the body frees up temperature when the ambient temperature is higher than that of the body temperature;
  • In addition, water also has a lubrication effect where contact with connectors, synovial fluid and cover, makes the joints flexible. It also has a cushioning effect on the eyes, spinal cord and including fetus in amniotic fluid.

When our bodies are deficient in water, or using non-clean water, the entire organization in the body is severely affected. When using contaminated water source will cause diseases of the intestinal tract such as: description, dysentery, typhoid,…; Diseases of the dermatological, ophthalmic, gynecological, such as: black, mushroom, Lang Ben, scabies, eczema, red eye pain, trachoma, conjunctivitis, pericoronitis, vaginal inflammation,… These diseases can spread to the healthiest due to the primary cause of water shortages and the joint use of contaminated water source for daily living. In addition, use of contaminated water sources of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, toxic chemicals such as plant protection drugs, pesticides, rat anticides,… will cause accumulated intoxication that leads to hazardous body genome structure causing cancers such as colon cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer,… Also cause infertility, birth defects, teratogenic.

In addition to the need for our body, water is really indispensable in human living from food processing, bathing, washing,… As well as manufacturing activities in agriculture, industry to create clean products. Therefore, clean water is an important factor in determining human health.

The concept of clean water and the risk of contamination

Clean water is clear, colorless, odorless, taswell, and does not contain pathogenic microorganisms and toxic substances that assure the safety of the user. According to the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, the standard of clean water used for food processing, cooking food, drinking water according to QCVN 01-1:2018/BYT and direct drinking water (not boiled) according to QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT.

However, not everyone has access to and uses clean water. The majority of people only evaluate the source of clean water or contamination without the scientific basis. Currently, in our country the source of clean water that common people use is divided into 3 types: 1) The water from the water supply plants are checked periodically quality; 2) bottled drinking water and 3) processed water with quality published filtration system.

  • Water well dug and unprocessed drilling wells: Well water sources for drilling wells, peach wells are at risk of contamination by waste from farms, livestock farms, waste water, sewage from non-hygienic pepper, plant protection drugs in agricultural activities not strictly follow the principle. Especially, when the rainy season comes, the whole water is seriously contaminated. Some households have built well water purification tanks, however the filtration tanks are not suitable for local water conditions and also very simple should only see water in is being, also harmful chemicals, heavy metals as well as pathogenic microflora can not be solved. A handful of households are bought by Karofi, Kangaroo, Tan Thanh Dai,… To filter the feeding water, drink. However, do not perform the correct procedure, the filter limit beyond the duration of the quality is not guaranteed. One of the causes of contamination of the water of families is that non-hygienic water storage tanks such as tanks with no lids or openings, insects entering the shelter to dispose of dirt into the water, no taps or that use a bucket (gshirt) to get water without a price to, into a cracked tank , dirty water from the outside permeated.
  • Bottle water: Bottled water, manufactured bottles must ensure the quality of the Ministry of Health prescribed under QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT, is clean water directly drink. Currently some families and all schools use water tank. However, quality is not inspected in a timely manner, so people and schools do not have the quality information of water. If clean water is not cleaned will be contaminated with microorganisms such as Coliform, Blue purulent bacillus (P. aeruginosa).
  • Rainwater Source: Rainwater is the process of evaporating water, condensation in the air when cold forming the rain particles. The nature of rainwater is clean water. However, the condensation process is at risk of contamination of toxic emissions from industrial and agricultural operations such as nitrite gas, nitrate, sulfuric acid, cardimi dust, sulfur, chlorine,… Special agricultural zones specialize in the risk of infection of the plant protection particles (aerosol). Moreover, the collection of rainwater at the family is not the right process that will result in contamination of dirt from the inspiration, collection chute and tanks.

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