Vietnam Water and Health Alliance – VIWHA

Established on 18/09/2018, in the Seminar on water and public health, located in the framework of the annual seminar of social organizations in the year 2018 in Hanoi.

At the seminar, 05 organizations were: population, health and Development institutes, Institute of Medical Research, sociology, non-governmental organization Information Center, Public Health University, Research and Training Center for Community Development and co-founder of Vietnam National and Health Alliance for the purpose of :

  • Cooperation between the members of the Alliance and the partners with the participation of the people in the hands to solve the problem of water health and public health;
  • Strengthen alliance capacity, deploy local initiatives to actively participate in the problem solving clean and healthy water in the community;
  • To promote dialogue with the central and local policy decision-making agency to bring people’s voices, communities contribute to the construction and enforcement of policies relating to water resources management, access to clean water, sanitation and public health.

At the seminar, there were 15 more units, individuals registered as members and collaborators of the VIWHA Alliance. As of 07/2020, the alliance has had 35 members, including 34 member organizations and 01 individual members, information about the member organization being fully updated by the coordinating agency.

List of Alliance members please see the following path:

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