"We are sure to provide safe water supply to rural areas"

With the theme “Ensuring safe water supply in rural areas”, the online talk program is led by the people’s representative electronic newspaper in collaboration with the Vietnam National Health and Water Union (VIWHA) and the project of “local Vietnamese activities for environmental Health”, Institute of Population, Health and development (PHAD) is organized on 12/06/2020. The seminar aims to exchange and receive the opinion of the delegates of the National Assembly, experts, managers, on evaluation of the results of ensuring safe water supply in the year 2019 compared with the National Program Plan milestone of 2020 to 2025; Issues and problems, propose the safety of water supply and rural area; from which to propose solutions to secure water supply in rural areas.

Panoramic view

Guests participating in the seminar: Mr. Nguyen Lam Thanh, deputy chairman of the National Assembly Council of Congress; Mr. Nguyen Quoc Regret, deputy head of the National Assembly of CA Mau province; Ass. Dr. Nguyen Hong Tien, vice chairman, and secretary General of the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Nguyen Trung War Department of Civil Engineering – Ministry of Construction and Mr. Linh van, therapist II, senior specialist of the Vietnam Water and Health Alliance.

The National program guarantees safe water supply period 2016 – 2025 has been approved by the Prime Minister under the QĐ1566/QD-TTg to create the policy mechanism, the legal environment for the levels, sectors and the whole society to implement and collectively protect, preserve the country’s clean water. In the framework of the seminar, guests and delegates focused on discussion, answer 3 main content: “How to secure the rural area safe water supply?”; “Country clean water – why still thirsty?” and “What do we get home to access water safely?“. During the seminar, the above issues were exchanged, democracy in time for France, reporters and journalists also had additional questions to suggest experts clarify.

Mr. Nguyen Lam Thanh-Vice chairman of National Assembly’s ethnic Council
Mr. Nguyen Trung Chien-specialist II, Vietnam National Health and Water Coalition specialist

The seminar has clarified some of the solutions for safe water supply for rural-view from national program secured water supply period 2016-2025; Contributing to public awareness, policy makers on the issue of rural clean water with the message: “No one behind with access to safe water”. 

Full text of the seminar invite readers to see here.

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