People in Nga Truong commune have access to clean water after many years of “thirst”.

This morning, day 27/05/2020, Institute of Population, Health and development in collaboration with the PPC of Thanh chemistry and local organizations to organize the signing ceremony for the delivery of clean water works for Nga Truong, Nga Son District, Thanh Chemistry province, supplying clean water for more than 4,300 Russian residents. This is a construction work within the framework of local activities in Vietnam for environmental Health “, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

With difficult terrain, many clay, salty soils, people here can only use rare surface water such as shallow well water, or rainwater for eating and living. The use of surface water has not been processed and is causing a lot of adverse effects on human health here.

Image: Representatives of the people expressed joy and emotion because the project brought clean water to the

Understand the difficulties of water and health of the people here, the project “Local activities in Vietnam for environmental Health” has collaborated with the government agencies in implementing policy advocacy, mobilizing resources, and motivated both local and people to respond and participate in the project. With the process of joining many parties, more than 33 km of clean water supply pipeline system has been perfected, with the ability to bring clean water back to the entire population in the Russian commune including the most remote areas.

Over a year of positive coordination among government, local, and project agencies, more than 4,300 people across the entire area of Russian society have had clean water to use. Mr. Long, the chairman of the Russian PPC school shared: “Now people have been very reassured about the water source. The support project is a very excited person, as water is an input, involving human health. Especially in kindergarten, in the old day buying food for the water, now peace of mind “.

Photos: Excited people use clean water as soon as the state’s clean water supply system is officially handed over

Mr. Nguyen Kieu Cuong – Director of shared projects: “The project is oriented towards the formulation of model-type combinations between state agencies and social organizations to strengthen the capacity and mobilize different resources and to solve problems of clean water and health. We hope these models can be continuously expanded and deployed in other locations and provinces across the country. ” From experience to successfully build 05 clean water supply system for the students and the villagers of Yen son, Ha Trung District, Thanh Chemistry Province, this is the next successful model of the project “Local Vietnamese activities for environmental health” in coordinating the relevant authorities and departments and the local community to jointly support and develop The activities to enhance access to clean water to improve the health life of people.

Image: Install Marine name for Clean Water Works

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