Opportunity to implement initiatives to address water and health related issues

The Water and Health Initiative (WHI) program is developed by the “Local Vietnam activities for environmental health” project seeking development initiatives organized by local organizations (non-profit private businesses, individuals, and other units) are proposed to help resolve health-related water issues. All potential initiatives will be supported for deployment.

Initiatives may be cognitive communication activities, behavioral changes; Researching, testing, deploying clean water supply solutions and enhancing community health; Build local organizational capacity, advocacy, mobilization, connection of resources and community involvement. Other potential initiatives are also encouraged to register.

For more details, please see the following path:


Information regarding the proposed filing rules:

Participants: all non-profit organizations, private businesses, individuals who are interested in resolving water issues and local environmental health and have a desire to apply their initiatives to implement in the community.

The value of support for each initiative is chosen: No more than 80 million VND.

Recommended scope: Each individual/organisation may submit one or more proposals (as attached) describing their initiative to help resolve health-related water issues through cognitive enhancement and behavioral communication activities, researching, testing, and deploying solutions to provide clean water and enhance community health, build local organizational capacity, policy advocacy, mobilization for resources and community involvement.

Registration Opening time: Day 09/05/2020;

Time to close the registration gate: 24:00 days 30/06/2020.

How to apply for an initiative:

Units/Organizations submit an application for the WHI program and a sample typing fee proposal template with a full range of required information and perform the following two steps:

Step 1: Fill in the form and register the application, to propose funding through the path: https://forms.gle/DdikiY3WcWguuWpW6

Step 2: Send a soft application and propose the above funding to e-mail: hatrang.lenguyen@phad.org. Post-Sample Header message: The summary name of the light kiến_Hạn apply ký_Họ name/organization name. (Example: Nano application to process nước_30/06/2020_Nguyễn van Anh)

For further information, please contact the Institute of Population, Health and development by e-mail: hatrang.lenguyen@phad.org or telephone number (+ 84 24) 73 000 988 (ext. 104) to exchange and be guided.

The application for the WHI program please see the following path:


Sample funding proposal please see the following path:


Information about the project:

The project “Local Vietnamese activities for environmental health” was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), due to the National Institute of Population, Health and Development (PHAD Institute), it is a five-year deployment project that aims at enhancing the capacity of local organizations and enhancing the cooperation in addressing environmental health challenges Practical and sustainable ways, especially those relating to water and public health. The project focuses on the handling of public health issues, providing sustainable solutions through advancing resources and mobilizing diverse participation of local organizations, combining advanced technology applications to address eating and drinking water issues. , as well as enhancing access to clean water and the use of hygienic housing in poor communes.

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