Online Seminar: Water pollution Incidents, roles and responsibilities of the parties

On 13/11/2019, online discussion of “Water resources, roles and responsibilities” was held at GTV Studio, Hanoi with the coordination of members of the Vietnam Water and Health Alliance (VIWHA).

With the participation of Dr. Nguyen Weighted An-deputy director of the Center for Research and Training on Community Development (RTCCD), former deputy director of the Child Protection Bureau; Mr. Nguyen Lanh-the World Health Organization specialist WHO; Mr Truong Manh Tien-Chairman of the Vietnam Environmental Economic Association, the director of the Department of Environment and Lawyers Truong Thanh Duc-Arbitrator VIAC-Chairman of the board member of BASICO law firm, discussed discussions on some key issues such as: The risk of health, the environment from environmental incidents; The role of management levels in the management of clean water supply to people and resolve when problems occur.

After 1 hour and 20 minutes of talk, guests discussed and helped viewers to clearly analyze the impact of environmental incidents on human health; Role in the management and resolution of water supply issues of related agencies such as the Ministry of Resources and Environment management and the provision of water quality standards originally used as domestic water, the Ministry of Construction Management of water plant, Ministry of Health issued the standard of living water quality; Or indicate vulnerabilities in the policy texts relating to the protection of water resources.

The talk show was broadcast live on GTV Studio’s fanpage which attracted over 31,000 views with nearly 15,000 interactions.

Review the talk show here.

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