Outdoor media event “Water Ambassador” at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

“I really love the event. I learned a lot of interesting knowledge about water and the need to save water as well as clean the sewers. In particular, I love the song “Wash Your hands!”. When you get home, I will teach your sister and friends! “, shared by Baby Le ha do, age 7, Vinschool Elementary School. …….. HANOI, Day 21/04/2019. With support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), on May 21/04/2019, the Institute for Population, Health and development (PHAD) and the Sustainable Development Management Research Institute (MSD) has coordinated an outdoor media event “Water ambassador” at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, in the event series for World Water Day 22.3, World Health Day 07.4, and Earth Day 22.4.
Image: Volunteers participating in the event

This is the event that is within the framework of operation of communication change behavior of “water ambassador” to the children of school age in the project of local activities in Vietnam because of environmental health funded by USAID. MERCK and PHAD’s campaign coordinated and coordinated with the communications by Vinasing and Tiktok Joint stock company. Outdoor Media events “Ambassador Water” has used innovative and child-friendly approaches to educate children and families in the matter of use and access to clean water as well as the importance of environmental hygiene. The event aims to strengthen the participation of other local stakeholders such as businesses, organizations, local government agencies and social media to address local water health challenges, as well as mobilize local resources and contribute to the planning and replication of water and health cooperation programmes at Vietnam.

With the message “Fresh water source, year round healthy”, outdoor media event “Ambassador Water” towards raising awareness and knowledge of children about the importance of clean water for humans and clean water is the finite resource that needs to be protected through use Save also restrict waste discharge to the environment. Diverse activities such as the Gold Bell Shake competition, exciting games, attract messages towards the topic Mother Earth about saving water, performances “water ambassador” and flashmob dance the steps of washing your hands small in the song “Wash Your hands!” written by composer Nguyen Van Chung for the campaign Etc… Really brings to children and families an active, fun, interactive and effective learning space to change perception and behavior.

Actively participating in the media activities “Ambassador Water” for children, baby Le ha do, 8 years, Vinschool Elementary School said “I really love this event. I learned a lot of interesting knowledge about water and the need to save water as well as clean the sewers. In particular, I love the song “Wash Your hands!”. When you come home, I will teach your sister and friends! “. You’re 12 years old, “I’ve learned a lot of new knowledge. It is not possible to drink well, so I will say this to my parents. Children should also be responsible for better protection of water environment, such as using water-saving, do not throw garbage down the Lake River, wastewater should be kept clean “, etc.

Image: The young are excited to participate in challenges proposed by the Organizing committee

Mr. Nguyen Kieu Cuong, project director said, “Children are the most affected subjects on clean water. However, we believe that if we are properly propagating and sharing knowledge, children are also the most accessible and changing audience, even re-sharing with adults. “

In March to January 5, the PHAD Institute and the MSD Institute will continue the educational activities, media use clean water and save to schools and mobilize community involvement, businesses and other stakeholders in supporting the protection of environmental health for children and the community of people in Ha Nam , Thanh Hoa, Ha Noi and other locations across the country.

For more information, please contact phad@phad.org —————————————– The project “Local Vietnamese activities for environmental health” by USAID is a five-year implementation initiative funded by USAID and implemented by the PHAD Institute and partners to improve the capacity of local organizations and strengthen partnerships in addressing environmental health challenges in a practical and sustainable manner , especially those relating to water and public health. The project focuses on the handling of public health issues in Henan and Thanh Hoa through the promotion of resources and mobilizing diverse participation of local organizations to enhance access to clean water and use hygienic housing in poor communes. The project also aims to provide sustainable solutions through the application of advanced technology to solve the problems of eating water and living: https://www.usaid.gov/…/FS_Locaworks_for_environmental_heal… —————————————— Institute of Health and Development (PHAD) The PHAD Institute is a non-profit scientific and technical organization that is a member of the Vietnam Association of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA). PHAD offers the spirit of long-term cooperation in work and she always attempts to provide independent, unreasonable, evidence-based consultants to policy makers, health professionals, private and public institutions. PHAD believes that people deserve to live in an economic, social and physical environment that is healthy and in good health. PHAD is an interdisciplinary research organization oriented towards understanding and improving the health of the people, especially women and social groups that are vulnerable, through research, training, and community health support interventions. More about PHAD at https://phad.org/

——————————————- Research Institute for Sustainable Development Management (MSD) As a Vietnamese non-governmental organization, the MSD Institute strives to act for a development environment favorable to the development of the block of social organizations and promote the right to the rights of marginalized and vulnerable community groups, especially the children’s and youth groups, , women and people with disabilities. MSD strives to create values and gain positive local impacts through unique, innovative working practices that promote ownership and enhance community capacity. Learn about MSD at: http://msdvietnam.org

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