Inauguration and handover 04 Clean water supply system in Ha Lam, Ha Trung, Thanh Hoa

On 30/03/2019, the Institute for Population, Health and development (PHAD) and the Sustainable Development Management Research Institute (MSD) collaborated with local units to host the inauguration ceremony and to sign handover of four clean water supply systems to schools in the area of Ha Lam in conjunction with Ambassador Media. The ceremony is maintained by the People’s Committee (People’s Committee) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Vietnam co-chailed with representatives of the ministries, departments, representatives of the departments and more than 400 people in the community of Thanh Hoa Province. As an activity within the framework of the “local Vietnamese activities for environmental health” project with the funding of USAID Vietnam, the ceremony is in the event chain and celebrate International Day of 22.4, Earth Hour 30.3, World Health Day 07.4, and Earth Day 22.4 with the goal of supporting and enhancing the communication health , especially the reduction of gastrointestinal diseases and diseases related to water, of people in poor rural areas of Vietnam.
The parties hand over the delivery system of clean water supply

With the launch of four small-scale water supply systems, nearly 700 students and teachers, kindergarten officers, primary school and secondary school of Ha Lam, ha Trung district will have clean water at school. Over the next few months, the two clean water supply systems will be completed with about 2,200 residents of Binh Lam Bridge and in Ha Lam commune with clean water for daily activities in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health. And, over the next few years, more than 20,000 people in Thanh Cong will benefit from this project through community-based modeling to promote public health, particularly reducing the incidence of water sickness.

Visit the Clean water supply system at Ha Lam Elementary School

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