Workshop on Safe Water Supply Plan in Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam Province in 2019

On 15/03/2019, the Institute of Population, Health and development in collaboration with the Department of Construction of Thanh Chemistry province organized seminar on the Safety water supply plan of Thanh and Ha Nam province. This activity is within the framework of the project “Local activities in Vietnam for environmental Health” – Local Works, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), aimed at sharing the experience of implementing the Safety Water Supply plan (KH-CNAT) over the years and guiding the operation for the next time. Attending the seminar has many leaders as representatives of the Ministry of Construction, representatives of Thanh chemistry PPC, ha Nam, World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam and many experts in the field of safe water supply (CNAT). At the seminar, delegates were presented an overview of the KHCNAT: why there must be KHCNAT, what is Khcnat, what is the KHCNAT and how it is built and done, the process of KHCNAT, the benefits of the KHCNAT, the difficulties and the challenges; Safety Water Supply program in Vietnam from 2016 to present: operation, results achieved and lessons learned; The status of the activities of the two provinces of Thanh chemistry and ha Nam: activities, results, lessons learned and advantages and difficulties; Assessment of technical support needs in the two provinces of Thanh chemistry and Ha Nam.
Image: representative of the Water Center for Living and Sanitation rural environment in Thanh Chemistry province to address the situation of the implementation of the KH-CNAT in Thanh Chemistry province
Mr. Le Anh Tuan – Vice chairman of Thanh Quang People’s Committee shared: “Immediately after circular 08/2012/TT-BXD of the Ministry of Construction in effect, the PPC of Thanh Binh has directed the establishment of Safety Steering Committee and issued the Regulation of operations. At the same time, in the process of operation, in accordance with the actual requirements, in 2016, the construction department has counsels for the provincial People’s Committee of the first Steering Committee “. The establishment of the province’s Safety steering Committee led to the implementation of the KHCNAT in the background, with close coordination of water supply regulatory authorities in the region. Thanh Chemical People’s committee has directed the local and related sectors in the province seriously implement circular 08 of the Ministry of Construction, contributed not to reduce the rate of water loss, water quality improved, people benefit much from this management. Seminar on Safety water supply plan with the participation of the two provinces of Thanh chemistry and Henan is a good opportunity for the parties to share their experience of the practical implementation of the activities of the KH, thereby improving the efficiency of CNAT work for people in the province 2 provinces. The workshop also discussed and oriented the water plan activity in 2 provinces in 2019, focused on building sustainable models based on community and effective mobilization of local resources to solve water problems.
PHOTOS: Delegates attending anniversary photography Workshop

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