Vietnam Water and Health Alliance: Workshop on sharing operational experiences

On 12/02/2020, the seminar “Shared experiences of water and health related activities in 2019 and 2020 orientation” was organized to Vietnam’s Water and Health Alliance members (abbreviated name: VIHWA) 1) shares the experience of performing related water and health activities in the year 2019 of the members of the Union VIWHA and other networks/alliances and 2) discusses the operational plan of coordination of Water and Health Alliance members in the year 2020. Attending workshops has represented the Institute for Population, Health and development (PHAD) leadership, non-governmental Organization Information Center (NGO-IC), VIWHA members and representatives of other networks/alliances.

The activities performed by the Vietnam Water and Health Alliance in the year 2019

Vietnam’s Water and Health Alliance was established in 12/09/2018 with 5 core members, through the development process, so far the alliance has 35 members. Despite its establishment in the short term, the alliance has had a coordinated, successful connection between several members in order to implement a number of practical activities aimed at solving clean water issues for residents in disadvantaged local conditions. In Yen son commune, Ha Trung district, Thanh Chemical Province, 4 water supply stations of QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT was built at 4-point field at and supplying water for 654 students and teachers and 1 clean water supply system was built to serve 110 households in the population 5,. 13 The school Communication Program “water Ambassador Journey” was organized with the participation of more than 4,000 students and teachers in Ha Nam province and Thanh Chemistry province; And many advocacy activities help local people in difficult localities to approach, change awareness as well as understand more clearly about clean water, school drinking water.

Mr. Nguyen Trung War, senior specialist, therapist 2 of the Institute of Population, Health and development (PHAD) shared: “The voice of the people, of the civil organizations has not been concerned and settled by the local government. The sharing of information between agencies and local organizations is limited, unable to take advantage of the strong in connecting resources as well as local initiatives to solve water problems. At the local economic conditions the difficulty is almost without the investment of businesses due to the capital withdrawal and the profit in these localities takes a lot of time, effort, in part because there are no policies to support for business in these localities.

Shared about the results of the year 2019, Ms. Do Thi van, director of the NGO Information Center, member of the Vietnam Water and Health Union (VIWHA) shared: “In the last time, the VIWHA coalition deployed many environmental health activities in the country : Enhancing access to clean water for communities and schools; Communication activities change the community behavior; Advocacy activities and activity sharing experiences and strengthening of alliance members; In particular, it is possible to mention the “School Drinking Water” initiative at three schools in the Scouting district of Quang Tri Province. In addition, the alliance with the union with the HA Giang Association developed the construction Initiative for the non-water biological model and school drinking water in some communes in Ha Giang province, the scarce highlands , roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. “

Through the positive activities of the Alliance has contributed to the advanced inclusion of the voices of local people and communities contributing to the formulation and enforcement of policies relating to water resources management, access to clean water, environmental protection and preservation for the environmental health of the community.

The planned implementation of Vietnam’s Water and Health Alliance in the year 2020

In 2020, the Vietnam Water and Health Alliance (VIWHA) set the plan to develop to 15-20 members; Continuing school drinking water program; promoting the media; Review and petition for clean water policy; Promote the cooperation and fundraising program in support of clean water to the school to share, for the pupils in the high area, disadvantaged areas have clean water to drink during school and help prevent the braiding related to water sources that have not been processed hygienic.

At the Seminar, representatives of the coalition members contributed many comments, the comments pointed out in addition to the advantages such as the coalition received the active support of the Institute of Population, Health and development and some other members, the problem of water and health being people , local organizations, the alliance’s activities also meet certain difficulties; In particular, the environment and water quality now have signs of pollution, the degree of pollution with a serious increase in direction; Still not less industrial zone, industrial clusters do not have centralized sewage treatment system; The legal framework for controlling and preventing contamination of water and exhaust water is weak and has not ensured the standard; The information about the water environment has not been publicly accessible and easy to reach; Capacity, facilities and funding are limited, the ability to mobilize domestic resources is weak. On the other hand, the voices of the people, of the civil organizations that have not been actually concerned by the local government. The sharing of information among local organizations is limited, yet it is not possible to take full advantage of the strengths in the connection of resources as well as local initiatives to solve water problems…

Great Duc liked to volunteer, Director of the Consultation center and support of the legal community, the VIWHA coalition to state ideas on organizing fundraising programs in favor of clean water program to school. On the basis of this, the delegates proposed the solutions to strengthen the cooperation between the members of the Alliance and the partners with the participation of the common people to solve the problem of water health and public health, the mobilization of resources for the implementation of projects to protect water resources effectively; Promoting communication, creating a change of awareness and enhancing access to clean water for the rural people of the poor, mountainous areas; Facilitating the local initiative to actively engage in clean and sustainable health and water issues. Delegates attending the seminar proposed several topics for the Union Annual Conference of Vietnam Science and Technology Association (VUSTA) in 2020 such as: joint hands on water health and public health; Changing awareness and enhancing access to clean water for the poor rural people, lack of water…

Great Duc liked to volunteer to share about the initiative “School Drinking Water”

At the conclusion of the seminar, the members agreed to: the PHAD Institute is a liaison between the members of the VIWHA Alliance; The PHAD Institute will coordinate with members to build a website to connect members with experts, discuss water and environmental health issues; Local organizations continue to develop and construct project proposals of each locality; Member recommendation VIWHA actively active enterprise, the strong military participating in the fundraising program of the “School Drinking Water” initiative.

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