Workshop on Project launch and Planning in Thanh chemistry, 40 thousand people have access to information about clean water

On 26 May 04, 2018, in Thanh Hoa City, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Thanh HOA PPC and Institute of Population, Health and Development (PHAD) officially launched the project “Local Vietnamese activities for environmental health” (Vietnam Local Works for Environmental Health Project – Local Works).

Funded by USAID and implemented by the PHAD Institute, the project lasted for 5 years, from 2017 – 2022, aiming to build a model of evidence-based cooperation with the participation of local organizations and mobilize local resources to adapt and solve water pollution and environmental health issues effectively. The project will be deployed in the poor communes of Thanh chemical and Henan provinces, with the expected results that some 40 thousand people in these communes are given accurate information on water and related health issues.

The seminar with the participation of more than 90 delegates is to represent the units, including: Representatives of departments, provincial local government, representatives of the district-level local government, representatives of the United States International Development Agency in Vietnam, representing the government and the community , Project partners. In addition, media units such as VTV1 – Vietnam television, radio and television, are also available for news.

About the project, Mr. Vu Cong Nguyen (Deputy chief executive Director, Institute of Population, Health and Development) said that at Thanh Chemical, the project will focus on handling health issues in 2 Xa thang commune, Nong Cong district and Ha Lam commune, Ha Trung district. The project aims to provide sustainable solutions and application of technology to solve the problems of living water, improving environmental hygiene. Some of the main objectives of the project are: building capacity for local agencies and units to solve local health and water problems; Support addressing local water and health issues in a sustainable manner with people’s involvement and authorities; Building partner networks, cooperation mechanisms and common objectives for units, local organizations;…

Image: Mr. Vu Nguyen introduces the “Vietnam local activities for environmental Health” project “(Source: PHAD)

Along with Thanh Chemical, the project “Local activities in Vietnam for environmental health” will also deploy activities in 2 Ngoc Son and Kim Thanh, Binh Luc District, Ha Nam province with activities to support people to access clean water in a sustainable manner.

The Project scheduling seminar program is taking place the same afternoon. The purpose of this workshop is to identify issues of water present in the project communes and discuss, plan activities to solve the above problems. After uniting the results of the discussion and for the point of priority solutions, representatives of the two social wins and Nong Cong presented the results of the discussion, additional comments were also noted in preparation for the plan to operate in the next period.

Figure: People discussing local health issues and presenting outcomes (Source: PHAD)

Through the information, the project “Local activities in Vietnam for environmental health” will be a model that is effective, practical, sustainable and capable of scaling in many local countries in the country to cooperate together to solve the problems of water and health.

Some pictures of the workshop:

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