Many water treatment technologies are introduced in the seminar "Improving Water and health treatment capacity" (VACI 2018)

Water treatment technologies, water quality monitoring equipment as well as water-saving solutions when using toilets were presented and discussed in popular workshops and learned with the subject “improving water and health treatment capacity”, which was held on 04/03/2018 at the Almaz International Convention Center. The seminar was “Vietnam local Works for Environmental Health Project – Local Works” project. Under the funding of the U.S. Department of International Development (USAID) and is performed by the Institute for Population, Health and development (PHAD), in collaboration with the National Center for Water Resources Planning and investigation (Ministry of Resources and Environment) co-hosted , located within the framework of the Vietnam International Water Week in the VI – VACI 2018.

Image: Panoramic seminar (Source: PHAD)

The seminar consisted of 2 main sessions with 8 presentations. The A focuses on discussing water pollution issues and water quality monitoring technologies. According to Mr. Le Van Binh (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Thanh chemistry), the current water resources in some areas of Thanh chemical province are suffering from severe pollution, for example the NO2 index at several points exceeding the threshold from 1.2 to 60 times. The main cause of this pollution problem is the waste of industrial parks and waste.

Mr. Branson, Energy Holdings Group, introduces the L-LIBS device (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) with the function of analyzing liquid pollutants and transmitting information about the facility in real time. This is a real-time multi-element analysis device for any pollutant in the liquid line using Laser Spectrometer technology. In addition, the device is capable of remotely monitoring potentially polluting areas using wireless data transmission and timely prevention of potentially catastrophic disasters.

To session B, the topic discussed revolves around the issue of technologies applied to the water pollution treatment. Mr. Hoang (Chodai Company, Vietnam) shared about Eco-sanitation equipment. This is an active device with the aim of reuse and recycling waste with the same mechanism of action as New Johka system (Domestic wastewater treatment technology – learn more here), which is used for biological toilet non-water use. However, the cost of this device is not really suitable for the average income of the Vietnamese people. “Our company is still and will try to support the cost to build this non-water biological toilet model in Vietnam and quickly strategically let every people have access to this technology,” said the emperor.

Image: Mr. Hoang (Chodai Vietnam) sharing about Eco-sanitation technology at the seminar (source: PHAD)

With the success of the seminar, the Local Works Project has achieved its goal of sharing knowledge and introducing the feasible technology in the treatment of water and health issues in Vietnam. This is a great opportunity for not only the Local Works project but also for the participants to take the knowledge of new technology solutions to solve water problems as well as expand the partnership.

The workshop on “Improving Water and health treatment” is one of the series of workshops held in the Vietnam International Water Week-Vietnam International Energy Week – VACI. Seminar with the participation of more than 30 delegates from agencies such as Thanh Quan Health Department, Department of Resources and Environment of Thanh chemistry; The main partners of the project such as NGO-IC Information Center, Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH), Institute of Medical-Sociology (ISMS), Forbes Vietnam (FVN); Private units: Energy Holdings Corporation, Chodai Vietnam, Finnish Geological Survey Center, Vietnam Plasma Technology Institute, German International Cooperation Organization (GIZ). Besides, many local organizations, organizing domestic and foreign activities also expressed interest in seminar topics such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, Institute of Environmental Technology, Institute of Physics, Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Queensland University of Technology , Washington Bothell University.

Some workshops in the seminar:

The Vietnam International Water Week-VACI 2018 takes place from 03 – 07/03/2018 at the Almaz International Convention Center in Hanoi with the participation of 300 delegates from many countries.

Vietnam International Water Week the second time – VACI 2018 is an annual activity by the National Center for Water Resources Planning and investigation (the Ministry of Resources and Environment) in collaboration with domestic and foreign units organized to respond to the call of World Water Day and Asian water Week. The event attracted about 200 scientific papers, discussed from 20 different countries, with the theme “Cooperation on sustainable development of water resources” in order to see the challenges of water resources that the countries are facing. VACI 2018 consists of 23 workshops with prominent themes such as: Climate change adaptation in the Asian river basin; Implementation of integrated water resources management in Southeast Asia; Towards the Delta adaptation management in Vietnam; Integrated solutions for the Mekong Delta…  01 Photo exhibition and technology product in the field of water resources, hundreds of posters along with more than 20 exhibitors of more than 20 countries and territories in the world.

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